The project includes, two or three story Room, Junior Suite and Suite. Each Hotel Room has a large great room, and an outside verandah.

Development we offer is a batch of 120 units Luxury Rooms
- 60 Rooms of 550 Sqft (1 bedroom & bathroom)
- 35 Junior Suites of 600 Sqft (1 bedroom Suite & bathroom)
- 25 Suites of 800 Sqft (Living-room, bedroom & bathroom)

The walls construction of the Residence is block with reinforced concrete.

The roofs will be wood shingles in hip or pyramidal configuration. The interior of the upper floors will have cathedral ceilings with exposed rafters, to enhance the West Indian flavor.

The floors are concrete and will be tiled and the interior walls will be plastered and painted.

Windows and doors will be in traditional West Indian style- with wood and louvers.

Fisherman's Cabanas Resort is perfectly fitting with around local Firsherman's housing on Pinneys Beach in order to keep local citizen spirit. Develpoment will be grouped by lot called by a fishname.

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