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Northern Mariana islands

The Northern Mariana Islands, officially the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands, is located in the northwestern Pacific Ocean. It consists of 15 islands and 6 of them are inhibited. The total area of the CNMI is 477km with the population of 72 thousand. The capital is Saipan.

People: The Northern Mariana Islands has a population of 72 thousand, down from 69,221 in 2000.

Climate: The Northern Mariana Islands have a tropical marine climate moderated by seasonal northeast trade winds, with little seasonal temperature variation. The annual average temperature is 27℃. Annual precipitation of more than 2000 millimeters. The dry season runs from December to June; the rainy season runs from July to November and can include typhoons. There are more hurricanes in August and September. The Guinness Book of World Records has cited Saipan as having the most equable temperature in the world.

Economy: Tourism is a major economic activity. Saipan and Rota are major tourist centers with luxury hotels. Tourists are mostly Japanese and Americans. Many islanders engage in subsistence agriculture, including the cultivation of taro, cassava, yams, bread, fruits, vegetables and bananas to supplement their cash income. In 2012, the activities of dried coconut production, fishing, pig farming, cattle raising, vegetable farming and handicraft production were reduced. The introduction of small-scale manufacturing from South Korea, China and Philippines, coupled with the continued growth of tourism, has led many people to migrate from Asia to the islands.

Time: ChST (UTC+10)

Capital: United States dollar (USD)

How to get there: The main international gateway into the Marianas is Saipan. There are frequent flights from Japan, South Korea and Taiwan, but visitors from the US will have to connect in Guam or transit through the previous countries listed.