What Makes Caribbean a Perfect Investment Destination?

With a growing potential of Caribbean countries, the regional economy is steadily transitioning from tourism-based into popular economic citizenship-driven destinations.

With Caribbean still being top travel destination for the UHNWI, you can no longer consider Caribbean a perfect place to park your jet or power boat for a multi-million dollar weekend gateaway with A-list celebrities from Selena Gomez to Oprah Winfrey. Having adjusted to the global financial instability, countries of CARICOM are bringing more and more of foreign direct investments much due to their sought-after Citizenship-By-Investment programs,

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St Kitts & Nevis: Unprecedented Program Cost Reduction Makes Island’s CBI Program One Of The Region’s Most Reasonably Priced

Grande Property team of international experts is closely monitoring the updates on immigration programs being offered to our clients worldwide and is pleased to let you know about further program cost reduction of the longest standing CBI, St Kitts and Nevis.

The government of St KItts and Nevis has recently announced the establishment of  a new fund called the Sustainable Growth Fund that will allow to make the country’s citizenship by investment program even more reasonably priced than ever before. Continue reading


Antigua & Barbuda: CIP Drops Due Persistence and Charges at the 5 year Restoration Period

The Antigua and Barbuda Citizenship by Investment program is an engaging chance to enlarge without visa skylines, ensure resources, including computerized resource, for example, bitcoin, and advance assessments. More than 2,000 speculators have effectively utilized this opportunity and got a moment visa of this paradise island country in the heart of the Caribbean. Continue reading


76% Percent Surge in Demand for Economic Citizenship from the Middle East Based On 2017 Reports by Savory & Partners

Based on the most recent report by Savory and Partners, one of the leading firms in the Middle East offering various Citizenship-by-Investment programs, high-total assets families in the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) added to a 76 percent expansion sought after for second citizenship from Europe or the Caribbean in the last quarter of 2017. Continue reading