Citizenship can Change Lifestyle for the Better

How Obtaining Alternative Citizenship Can Change Lifestyle for the Better

In the modern dynamic world there are numerous reasons why business people are looking to obtain alternative citizenship.  The more benefits newly acquired passport can bring to the owner the more attractive and desirable it becomes on the market. Another advantage that is always considered by the smart investors is freedom and flexibility of global mobility, cost and ease of entire process.

We talked to our overseas property and alternative immigration expert and president of Grande Property, Alexia Budko, to find out how additional citizenship can positively influence on investors’ lifestyle:

Make wealth more secured

With a solid long-lasting background of preserving privacy of its citizens and favorable tax treatment, a significant number of the Caribbean islands have been domiciling world banks and created monetary administrations areas; and with the growing number of immigrant investors,  boundless opportunities are available for long haul key ventures into real estate, food and energy industry sectors.

Security of  family and self being

On the most essential level, property and citizenship in the Caribbean speaks to security for a family should you have to move later on, the ever growing food production industry and clean energy industries are supplied with abundant of natural resource for long term region sustainability.

Freedom of international travel

A qualified investor together with their family members can obtain their citizenship status in no more than 90-120 days, and advantage from various benefits including visa free access to a 100+ countries or offer long-term visas to USA, Canada etc. List of visa-free countries is constantly expanding providing immigrant investors with even more opportunities for both business and lifestyle.

Business Opportunities

Notwithstanding some extremely fascinating opportunities based around the main industry of the host nation itself, new business set up or business relocation becomes available to new citizens as they can travel abroad more unreservedly and grow their business or network globally.

Family and Lifestyle

Caribbean Citizenship by Investment is available to the relatives of the principle applicant, immediate relatives (wife, kids up to 28 years old*) and parents more than 65 years of age. Second citizenships can offer access to world-class medical services, training and better living for entire family.

*varies from jurisdiction to jurisdiction

Grande Property team of international professionals is ready to assist with obtaining alternative citizenship in the Caribbean jurisdictions through investment in government approved / CBI qualified real estate projects. Contact one of the offices in USA, Hong Kong or India to schedule a consultation.