How Can E-2 Visa Help Settle Down in the USA Within A Few Months

One of the reasons Grenada citizenship is becoming so attractive within overseas investors is that it has proven itself as the shortest path to the US market for business as well as residency giving a chance to settle down with an immediate family in the country of opportunities within just a few months.

US E-2 Visa Overview

US E-2 Visa or more commonly known as Treaty Investor Visa provide an entry for an investor to reside and work in the United States on the basis of investment. It is a renewable visa with validity of up to 5 years. This comes with a significant amount of investment and only available for citizens of countries that hold investor treaties with the U.S.

Another solid advantage of E-2 visa is that it is available for the employees of investors, if they share the passport origin of the investor. However those employees should posses certain skills required for fulfilling the job in the invested venture.

New businesses can make large investments to start and operate. The investment varies from business to business.

Key Advantages of E-2 Treaty Investor Visa:

1) Allows the investor from qualifying countries to reside and operate newly acquired and existing business in the US.

2) Allows the investor’s spouse also to work in the US for any company.

3) Allows the dependant kids up 21 years of age to attend any school in the US without a need for obtaining a student visa.

4) Allows visa renewal in case of ongoing continuous business activities.

5) 5 year renewable period (varies according to current investor’s passport) which makes it the longest issued employment type visa at any time. No limit on number of times visa can be renewed unless the business is no longer operational.

6) No annual quota on a number of this type of visa issued to foreign investors

7) No minimum or maximum requirement for time spent in the US

8) After certain number of visa renewal times, investor can apply to convert into another residency based type visa

9) Businesses like startups, existing setups, franchisees and partnerships etc can all qualify for E-2 visa

10) An investor with 100% business ownership does not require to have a US citizen/permanent resident partner.

11) A faster processing of this Visa compared to other types of visas.

Grande Property team of international experts is pleased to assist with obtaining Grenada citizenship through investment in government approved CBI qualified property if required before applying for E-2 Treaty Investor Visa. This two-step process takes from 4 to 6 months and our team will make it smooth and hassle-free to make your American dream come true.