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Malaysia: Grande Swimming Academy - Opening 2017

The Grande Swimming Academy is inspired by former internationally competing athletes. The Academy provides programs to appeal to a wide variety of competitive and recreational swimmers.

Americas: Grande Ice Hockey Academy - Coming Soon

The Grande Ice Hockey Academy is created by a team of elite and internationally recognized hockey trainers. Course training is provided for everyone, from beginners to competitive semi-pros who endeavor for an active professional career.

Americas: Grande Basketball Academy - Coming Soon

The Grande Basketball Academy is established by one of the greatest basketball players of all time to develop and promote the game of basketball for young athletes. The Grande Basketball Academy staff brings combined basketball experience in playing and coaching to the youth, collegiate, and professional levels.

Antigua: Grande Sailing Academy - Opening 2017

The Grande Sailing Academy is inspired by a team of yachting champions who have developed a formula for learning the art of sailing while having fun. The sailing school is run by a team of instructors whose reputation is second to none.

Roatán, Honduras: Grande Classic Golf Academy - Opening 2016

The Grande Classic Golf Academy is developed and run in partnership with a golf legend. It offers a championship golf course, driving range, and training area designed by the celebrity. Its training program is specifically tailored for young talent.

Dujiangyan, China: Grande Tennis Academy - Opening 2016

The Grande Tennis Academy is established by one of the greatest tennis players of all time to develop and promote the game of tennis for young athletes. The program recognizes the importance of a well-rounded training strategy and seamlessly incorporates classroom and court training to immerse students in the game and provide the physical, mental, and emotional elements necessary to succeed.

Connecticut, USA: Grande Soccer Academy - Opening 2017

This partnership with an internationally recognized soccer club is offering the famous club’s coaching and curriculum to Grande Soccer Academy students. In addition to professional training on campus, students will also be able to access the club’s player identification programs where prospects will be able to train in Germany.

North Carolina, USA: Grande Equestrian Academy - Opening 2017

Students at the Grande Equestrian Academy may choose from a selection of equestrian pursuits, such as Classical Horsemanship and Therapeutic Horse Riding training. It is developed by a team of military personnel and medal winners of international competitions in cooperation with the Professional Association of Therapeutic Horsemanship.

Beacon, New York: Grande Tennis Academy - Opening 2018

A Grande Tennis Academy takes tennis enthusiasts to the rolling hills and scenic woodlands of a New York metropolitan area property. The Grande Tennis Academy in Beacon, New York has residential opportunities for youth players, as well as facilities that can accommodate adult guests.