Grenada: Guide For Potential Investors Looking Into Island’s Economic Citizenship Program

Grenada, an island country in the West Indies in the Caribbean region, gained independence back in 1974. After a few exceptionally quick changes of the government administrations, the nation settled on a decision for a democracy and steady economic growth. Today Grenada is of a potential interest to more than just nature lovers, it has become a go-to destination for high net worth individuals from around the globe looking for alternative investment or citizenship options.

Widely known as the ‘Island of Spice’, Grenada is one of the largest exporters of the commodity. Tourism is the second largest industry seeing a significant traction year after year mainly due to the ease of access from Canada, USA  and Europe catered by the major international airlines from Maurice Bishop Internation Airport in St George’s – the capital of the island. Grenada is getting more and more traction from foreign travelers, as island is being regularly mentioned among the most beautiful places on the planet. According to the Caribbean Journal, Grenada was named The Best Place For Vacation in the Caribbean in 2017.


Stunning views, lush vegetation and perfect scenery are major distinguishing features of the island. Having become a hotspot for movie makers, it was first screened in 1957 in the ‘Island In The Sun‘ featuring Joan Collins, James Mason and Harry Belafonte drama.  Picturesque views of the island can be also noticed in the first part of the ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ saga. Ridley Scott has also chosen Grenada to film his ‘White Squall’.


Being a perfect Caribbean gateaway, Grenada has become a perfect spot for celebrities looking to escape from a public eye.

Steven Spielberg, Bill Gates, Mick Jagger and Jerry Hall, Morgan Freeman, Oprah Winfrey and British Princess Anne are among those wealthy vacationers.  Famous Grande Anse Beach with its Spice Island Beach Resort was a popular holiday destination for Elizabeth II’s daughter.

Michelle Rodriguez from ‘The Fast And The Furious’ and ‘Twilight’ on-screen character Kellan Lutz ended up in Grenada’s famous Mount Cinnamon Resort and Beach Club apartments in for a 2014 New Year’s eve.

Sports celebrity and the 4-time Formula 1 champion, Lewis Hamilton, travels to Grenada regularly – his dad had lived in Grenada before he left to the UK. While dating American pop-signer Nicole Scherzinger, Hamilton was looking to purchase a custom-built beach villa, however the plans got cancelled as the couple broke up. Currently the property is looking for a new owner who will be ready to spend 3,5 mln pounds.

Purchasing a property that meets certain criteria in Grenada may qualify a buyer for obtaining citizenship of the Caribbean paradise island. In a 4-year time frame, you can have the investment returned and most likely even get profit.


Once Grenada citizenship is obtained, a buyer will be able to restructure the taxes, and expand business through opening a branch or new entity in the USA. Grenada passport holders get access to an investment based US residency program called E-2 Treaty Visa. In addition, Grenada has signed a 30-day visa waiver with China that makes traveling to the country much easier.

Investment in real estate market in Grenada is quite safe with the island being located off the hurricane belt making it very competative in the Caribbean region. With growing tourism sector and demand for hotel rooms of various price range, it the right momemntum to invest in Grenada’s government approved resort developments that will become a source of a rental income for investors for the years ahead.

Grenada’s Citizenship by Investment program is a savvy decision both for single applicants as well as their family members. Families are offered favorable conditions with respect to the age threshold. And with the recent price reduction for a single applicant, Grenada citizenship by investment program has now become even more reasonably prised compared to other offerings provided by other countries in the region.

To learn more about investment options available with property invstment in Grenada, contact Grande Property team for a truly customized solution.