Selecting The Most Suitable Investment Immigration Program With Grande Property

Top 15 Items To Consider While Selecting The Most Suitable Investment Immigration Program

Since the launch of the first official citizenship by investment program by the government of St Kitts and Nevis back in 1980s, there were over 25 countries that followed the lead competing to offer their alternatives ranging from investor based visa to permanent residency permit and second citizenship. However, whatever country you are looking to select, all have one thing in common – a solid financial commitment required in order to obtain a desired status while benefits vary significantly.

According to Alexia Budko, president of Grande Property – longstanding international diversified real estate development firm focused on invesmtent immigration properties throughout the Americas and Europe, while identifying the program that matches your lifestyle goals the list of the following items should be considered:

  1. Number of visa-free/visa-on-arrival countries and list of them. Types of investment immigration programs available in each of the countries from the list.
  2. Benefits of alternative citizenship compared to permanent residency vs. residence permit status.
  3. Tax obligation benefits available. Disadvantages, if any.
  4. Reasons for the applicant not to be approved.
  5. List of available investment options
  6. Family members eligibility for the status obtained through investment of the main applicant.
  7. Restrictions on applying for citizenship or residency through investment if any (i.e public appointees, people with criminal records, or conjugal partners of the main applicant, etc).
  8. Confirmation of source of income
  9. Inheritance of main applicant’s status by future children
  10. Travel and staying requirements while applying for the selected program
  11. Any additional fees or taxes to be applied
  12. Required payment schedule
  13. Profitability of a real estate acquired through investment
  14. Potential obligations after residency/citizenship is obtained
  15. Possibility of returning the investment

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