About Us

Grande Property is an international integrated company specializing in real estate development, marketing and finance of metropoliton, resort and destination real estate. With corporate traditions and experience dating over a century, the firm is headquartered in Asia with regional and project offices located in the Americas and South-East Asia. The Grande Property international team, including afiliated companies and partners, offers a powerful combination of real estate and marketing acumen built from extensive career experience in real estate, finance, education, public relations and marketing.

Grande Property, together with its affiliates, acts as sponsor, real estate developer, global marketing consultant, international immigration advisors, and private placement issuer of multi-property developments across five continents. Exclusive direct participation in high-end equity, debt, and signature funds is readily accessible. In addition to more traditional methods, the firm utilizes an advanced, technology-based business and real-estate investment platform, to offer financial participation in international projects.

Through its numerous joint ventures, Grande Property brings together a consortium of experienced real estate, design, finance, marketing, sports, entertainment, hospitality, education, technology, branding, and management professionals that leverage their local and international experience and relationships required to make projects successful in today’s ever-changing marketplace.

Briefly described herein are a diverse group of Grande Property-sponsored real estate projects and businesses currently available as global investment offerings. They are presented in geographic sequence, beginning with North America and ending with the Asia/Pacific region. To provide maximum flexibility, interested parties may invest in an entire project, in individual phases of a project, in separate property uses or in the individual property within the overall project. For more detailed project information or for our corporate brochure in English, Chinese, or Russian, please email us at: inquiry@grande.property