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New Zealand

New Zealand is an island country in the southwestern Pacific Ocean. The country geographically comprises two main landmasses—the North Island , and the South Island —and around 600 smaller islands. New Zealand is a highly developed capitalist country. The World Bank ranks New Zealand as one of the most convenient countries to develop businesses in the world. Its economy has been successfully transformed from agriculture to industrialization, a free market economy with international competitiveness. The export value of antler, lamb, dairy and coarse wool of New Zealand is the first in the world. New Zealand is also one of the most beautiful countries in Oceania, with a total of about 30% protected areas. It has 3 World Heritage sites, 14 national parks, 3 Ocean Park, hundreds of nature reserves and ecological zones.

Climate: The time from December to February of the following year is the summer New Zealand. Winter is from June to August. The average temperature in summer is about 20 °C , and the average temperature in winter is about 10°C . The temperature difference in the whole year is not more than 15°C . The average annual rainfall over the country is 600~1500 millimeters.

Language: New Zealand has three official languages: English, Maori, and the New Zealand sign language. 96.1% of people in New Zealand speak English.

Economy: New Zealand has a high-income economy with a nominal GDP per capita of US$36,254. New Zealand was ranked 13th in the 2016 Human Development Index and third in the 2016 Index of Economic Freedom.

Time: NZST (UTC+12), NZDT (UTC+13) in Summer (DST)

Capital: New Zealand dollar ($) (NZD)

How to get there: Some of the major airlines have direct flights to New Zealand from Australia, America, Canada, Chinese, Chinese Hongkong, Chinese Taiwan, Singapore, Japan, South Korea, Malaysia, Thailand and Chile . The routes from these countries connected New Zealand to the rest of the world. Most international flights land at Oakland Airport in northern North island. Christchurch, Wellington, Lo Toru Wa, Queenstown and Dunedin airport also have a few international flights.