United Kingdom

The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, commonly known as the United Kingdom (UK) is composed of England, Welsh and Scotland, Northern Ireland, and a series of subsidiary islands. In addition to the mainland, it also has fourteen overseas territories, with a population of more than 65 million.

UK was the first industrialized country in the world. The industrial revolution was first completed by UK, and its national power expanded rapidly. From the early eighteenth Century to the early twentieth Century, UK ruled over seven continents. It was the most powerful country in the world. By the second half of the twentieth Century, UK had disintegrated and the position of the capitalist world was replaced by the United states. But UK is still a big country with a huge influence around the world.

UK is a highly developed capitalist country. One of the four major economies in Europe, whose citizens have a higher standard of living and a good social security system. As head of the Commonwealth, member of the G8, founding member of NATO, Britain is also one of the five permanent members of the United Nations Security Council.

People: The population of UK is over 65 million, with the English (Anglo Saxon) as the dominant race. It is the third-largest in the European Union, the fifth-largest in the Commonwealth and the 22nd-largest in the world.

Climate: The United Kingdom has a temperate climate with mild and humid seasons throughout the year. The temperature changes only a little in a year. Usually the highest temperature does not exceed 32℃, the minimum temperature goes no less than -10℃. In January, the average temperature is 4~7℃ and rises to 13~17℃ in July. The average annual precipitation is about 1000 millimeters.

Language: The UK's official language is English. It is estimated that 95% of the UK's population are monolingual English speakers.

Economy: As an important trading entity, economic power and financial center, UK is the fifth largest economic system in the world and one of the world's richest, most economically developed and highest living standard countries. Over the past thirty years, the government has significantly reduced state assets and slowed down the development of social welfare programs. In eighteenth Century, UK started to import grain from America. It gradually focused more on dairy farming which is more concentrated, highly mechanized and high efficient: 1% of the working population to meet about 60% of food needs.

Time: UTC+0, (UTC+1) in Summer (DST)

Capital: Pound sterling (GBP; £)