The Biggest CIP ever: Cyprus CIP Investment Appears to Reach €6.6 Billion Total

The Cyprus Citizenship by Investment Program does not routinely distribute any formal reports on the number or nationality of its candidates, nor about the funds invested by successful immigration candidates. Contributed, it does share such data with Parliament periodically.

Investment immigration industry columnists follow such reports in order to publish occasional statistics. The Cyprus News Agency, program authorities issued a report to the Cypriot Parliament a week ago that somewhere in the range of 3,300 passports  had been issued so far under the program.

The last authority figures, detailed in April 2017 by the Ministry of Finance, expressed that Cyprus had issued somewhere in the range of 2,000 international IDs and brought in over EUR 4 billion through the CIP since it started in 2013.

It is estimated that the 2,000 applicants  include dependants qualifying entire families.

Now that it’s been accounted for to Parliament that an aggregate of 3,300 ciizenship documents have been issued under the program, it is projected that  6000 passports would have been issued  incluidng main applicants and family members.

Based on assumptions acknowledged by industry experts, and official statements  within the government,  the following conclusions appear to be drawn:

1.Cyprus has accepted over  1,300 successful applications under the program since April a year ago.

2.Total investment on a weekly basis has exceeded on the average  EUR 60 million per calender week.EUR 60 million seven days.

3.It is projected that the aggregate capital raised  through the Cyprus passport program since commencement exceeds  some EUR 6.6 billion.

4.CIP-related investments was a significant contribution to the Cyprus economy in 2017 equalling 16% of Cyprus’ 2016 GDP.

5.The Cyprus CIP is the most lucrative CIP ever, and furthermore the one that has apparently issued the most . Passports.

6.The EUR 2.6 billion raised a year ago additionally suggest that the program saw more funding from applicants than all different CIPs combined in all remaining continents. .

The calculations estimated herein are based on ad-hoc reports to Parliament and discussions following, and may not ne  be accurate.