Grenada Passport Gains Power With Getting A Visa-free Access To The UAE

Since Grenada and the UAE agreed for a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) in November 2017, Grenadian citizens will be able to enter UAE visa-free. The passport holders of the two nations will start enjoying a new benefit in 30 days after the agreement execution.

Those international policy updates are making Grenada’s passport more powerful in a passport ranking putting it at 32nd place overcoming passport holders of Taiwan and Macao who moved to the 33rd place accordingly. With the recent inclusion of visa-free access to UAE, Grenada passport holders are now traveling visa-free to 121 countries including Russian Federation and People’s Republic of China. As an essential business focus, the UAE, together with the United Kingdom and Schengen nations, offers boundless opportunities for Grenadian passport holders.  Grenada is a perfect destination for those looking to access US market as well. With an exclusive option of E-2 Treaty Investor Visa available to all Grenada passport holders, it has become possible to settle down in America within just a few month after investment in viable business has been completed as one of the major program requirements.

Another advantage would be extremely helpful for the individuals who are willing to keep business relations with Asian market as Grenada passport opens a visa free access to China.

In case of real estate investment option in a government approved CBI property, investment can be sold in just a 4 year term without affecting citizenship status making it more competitive compared to other CBI nations in the Caribbean region.

Also Grenada is a member of the United Nations, the Organization of American States and the Commonwealth, which offers individual security for Grenada passport holders in member nations over the globe.

Grenada recognizes dual citizenship, which is convenient for those who are looking for an alternative citizenship while keeping the main one.

The entire process of obtaining alternative citizenship in Grenada is strictly confidential with applicant’s data being securely preserved.

With all great benefits to offer Grenada’s citizenship by investment is growing fast with applicant’s number showing a steady increase on a monthly basis.

Grande Property international team of experts is pleased to assist in exploring more about Grenada CBI program and options available and tailor an offer to meet lifestyle goals of every client worldwide.