Why UHNWI Considering St Lucia An Investment Hot Spot?

A pleasant jewel situated of the East Carribbean, St Lucia is slowly but surely transitioning from an island of untouched beauty into a safe investment destination attracting more and more UHNWI. Island’s Citizenship by Investment program offers numerous advantages and real estate venture development to preserve and grow wealth.

Following are the major reasons driving wealthy individuals to obtain passport of St Lucia according to the Chief Executive Officer, Invest Saint Lucia and current President of the Caribbean Association of Investment Promotion Agencies (CAIPA), McHale Andrew:

  1. Safe and Reliable Business Environment

The island of St Lucia has been positioned as the main English-speaking Caribbean island in the World Bank’s Doing Business Reports and outranked the greater part of the other Caribbean nations for simplicity of paying charges, picking up grants for development, methods for beginning a business and property enrollment.

  1. Security in Business and Finance Matters

St Lucia is notable among high net worth business experts for its very much created business condition giving streamlined, productive and straightforward business structures. As a main individual from the Eastern Caribbean Currency Union, St Lucia has an extremely stable money related and budgetary framework.

  1. Convenient Access to Global Business Centers of North America and Europe

For those inspired by putting resources into extravagance land on the island of St Lucia they can profit by the key area that the island gives. With simple access to general flight courses and access to local and universal markets including the Caricom Single Marketing and Economy (CSME), EU-Caribbean Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA) and World Trade Organization (WTO) business experts will discover incredible business flexibility in St Lucia.

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