What You Need To Know About Benefits of Antigua Tax Residency Program

Officially launched in 1995, the Permanent Residency Program of Antigua and Barbuda was created with an urge for well off people to set up impose residency in the nation.

This program is readily available to be utilized by non-residential citizens only to provide a brisk and clear access to the country’s tax residency.

Applicants who qualify, will be provided a Permanent Residency Certificate along with a Tax Identification Number.

In order to qualify for the Permanent Residency Program of Antigua and Barbuda the following criteria must be met:

  • Maintain a perpetual place of homestead Antigua and Barbuda (either rented or acquired)
  • Stay no less than 30 days in Antigua and Barbuda annually
  • Possess a minimum annual income of US$100,000
  • Pay a level assessment of US$20,000 per annum

Decision to participate in the program gives a range of significant tax benefits including:

  • Worldwide income tax – no
  • Inheritance tax – no
  • Capital gains tax – no

For more details on tax planning for you and your family when applying for an Antigua economic immigration program, please contact the Grande Property team.